Bhumisparsha, a light touch to celebrate the rebirth of Mother Nature.

The beginning of February is filled with significance. It is a midpoint between Winter solstice and Spring equinox, a time full of new possibilities.  We can celebrate new beginnings, growth and new life. All the  ideas and intentions we dreamed in darker winter days begin to manifest as we move towards the light of the new bright and warm season. The first signs of Spring and the return of the Sun are noted. It is a good moment to commemorate the successful passing of winter and the beginning of the new agricultural year.

Bhumisparsha Mudra is the gentle opportunity to re-connect with this powerful new energy coming from deep inside Mother Earth. It’s the lovely and grounding chance to be in touch with the Nature, to absorb the renewed vital force, letting it flow directly into our heart space.

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bhumisparsha mudra

yinside the practice.

Yin yoga is a land in which we come down through our breath. When we decide to move there we need to withdraw our senses, we need to stop for a while the connection with the external world, we need to quiet the jumping monkey inside our mind. All our will is needed, all our patience, all our sense of surrending, and maybe sometimes this is not enough to bring peace inside of us. To enjoy a real stillness we have to face our tensions, we have to give them a shape, we have to give them time to manifest, feeling them coming up from our deepest tissues and flowing out, maybe like salty tears drop, through the eyes. To heal we have to feel and recognize first.
The effort seems to be pretty hard, but the reward is so precious that it would be a shame not to try. It’s like an open door “yinside” yourself, bringing you at the very centre of nowhere: the land where expansion happens. The land where you can hear the sound of the universe. That is the promise.

A special thanks for this lovely and challenging journey yinside to Murielle Burellier and Sebastian Pucelle