Balasana: (re)discover the little Koala inside yourself!

A gentle and nourishing and restorative yoga pose to take a break and have a little support; for whatever reason we need it.

It is one of the sacred postures that move us close to the ground. This can bring up feelings of trust, as we aim to let go of muscular tension or gripping, and allow gravity and the Mother Earth to hold us. It provides a holding and sense of real groundedness to be placed close to the Earth. This encourages feelings of safety, and cultivates more trust as we allow ourselves to be held.

A grounding and restful posture through which we can be curios about “who we are” and “what we need” in that specific moment of life, a pose through which we can reconnect with the natural breath enjoying the sweet and warm massage coming with it.

The precious chance to stay safe and nourished and supported for a while with no worries of any kind.

balasana supported child's pose








Click here to awake the little Koala inside yourself! (pdf printable version)

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